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The most attractive quality to a man….

….in my humble opinion,

is a man who is able to share and open up about his life, especially the difficulties he’s had to endure. I don’t know about you, but nothing could make me feel closer  to a person. Trust in me and I know then that I can trust in you. I have my own stories to share. The manly, strong, unphased man isn’t how you always were. Something made you that way and I’m interested in that story. Show depth, show emotions, show reality. Love feeds off of those things. The men I’ve felt most strongly about in my life, were the men who shared their deepest secrets or life stories with me.

That’s what gets me to come to your side of the room in case you were wondering…



Advice Column

A part of me has always wanted to write an advice column. From what I hear from friends, I seem to do a pretty good job. But most of all, I think because off all the different things I’ve had to go through, I just feel like I can help so many others who are struggling with similar things. Whether it be love, depression, friendships, family drama, future careers, where to go shopping, movie recommendations…the list goes on. Now I’m no genius and certainly no trained expert on any of these fields but sometimes, a friendly opinion is all that’s required.

Many years ago, I started an advice column. I think I faired pretty well, answered as many questions as I could with whatever I could relate to. I’d kind of like to do it again. So I’m searching for questions both online and from people or general ideas. I’ll probably scour through that site I used to use for the latest questions and answer them on here.

Just wanted to share that :)

Tapsilog: filling and tasty

My ideal breakfast is a traditional Filipino one. It’s certainly filling and definitely not meant on a daily basis but some days (like birthdays) require a little something special.

Don’t knock it before you try

Tapsilog consists of eggs, garlic fried rice, marinated meat (chicken, pork or beef) with diced tomatoes on the side to give the meal some freshness. Now I know that sounds pretty calorie inducing for something like breakfast but it’s so delicious, I hardly doubt you’ll care. On the bright side, you have all day to work it off/digest it.

Cereal, oatmeal and toast just didn’t quite cut it for Filipinos. :)

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