My routine consists of…

trying to think outside of the box besides the standard and obvious answers like eat, sleep, shower, wake up…etc

msg/talk/call/email my bf
Not because I’m clingy, dependent or needy but because our long distance relationship is based on constant communication. It is out of habit and a personal choice we have both made to keep each other informed on our lives. We are each other’s best friends and as such, happily contact one another to share our lives because we simply cannot do so in person. Our bond is unbreakable :)

Every day I make time to read a book, read the newspaper or read an article online. It could be of any topic but I make a conscious effort to stay informed and challenge myself to constantly learn new things about the world. Some days that means reading the latest headlines while other days it’s the latest beauty tips. reading is reading :P

go on the computer
Whether its to check my email, go on facebook, watch videos, write, go on msn…or the other million possibilities, I always go on the computer without fail. Call me dependent, its just how I do things.

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