New Year’s Eve

It’s officially New Year’s Eve and I highly doubt that I’ll get a chance later today to update this before the new year rings in, so I decided to do it now. I normally do a ‘year in review’ and a ‘year in the making’ kind of blogs to commemorate this time of the year but I’ve noticed that as the years go on, my posts get shorter and shorter and this year will be no exception.

This year was definitely a tough one in all aspects of my life. I’ll refrain from recounting them all as the list would be endless but the definite big ones were

  • deciding to remain at queens
  • getting a personal trainer for the summer
  • working the same job again (ugh)
  • going to california
  • renewing my love for blogging, food and photography
  • turning 20 and loving it
  • revealing my secret life and secret bf
  • moving off campus, twice
  • living with a pet (Dano, the cat)
  • having only 2 days of school
  • learning some German
  • dating and the mistakes that come with dating
  • meeting so many fabulous new people.

I normally also list all the people who helped me get through the year. Sadly that list gets shorter with each year for me as more and more of my friends grow up, grow apart and create a life of their own. For those who did help me get through this year, they know my love and appreciation. To those whom I don’t speak to often, I hope in the future we can manage to re-connect.

As for future goals/resolutions, I tend to go for the short list, less pressure tactic so to list a few

  • Land a  good summer job (preferably related to politics/gov’t)
  • Land a job during the next few months for the school year
  • Continue to update and run my blogs
  • Take beginner lyrical classes in the summer
  • Complete the 10 in 2010
  • Pay for all my books and utilities next school year

And just for good measure let’s add a classic

  • Lose 20 pounds before my 21st birthday :)

A lot has happened this year and I’ve definitely ended this decade with the most eventful year of my life thus far. It’s a shame that I ended the year off with a bit of a low but I have hopes the the new decade, my start to my twenties and of course a new year brings change in all the right ways. After all that’s what this blog is based upon, tabula rasa,  a clean slate…

Have fun ringing in the New Year/Decade my friends. See you in 2010! :)


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