To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Despite avoiding it as much as I can, it seems to me that everyone has a twitter account. I’ve been advised by a friend or two not to get it unless I really felt like committing to it.

I will admit that I used to have a serious Facebook addiction. Checking every couple of minutes, logging on and staying on forever. That’s dramatically reduced. Now I check a few times a day but only for messages and then get off. I don’t have Facebook chat on anymore, although I did use that for a while. In fact, I think I’d be able to survive without Facebook if it wasn’t for the fact that my university uses it as a means of communication through the numerous clubs, events and council groups found on Facebook. Now that I live off-campus, without things like that, I’m kind of at a loss on what’s happening on campus.

Twitter reminds me somewhat of Facebook status, essentially tweeting about the same things that you’d put on there which I don’t do very often. I think I’d have content to put up but I wouldn’t remember to put it on there. I don’t have a high-tech phone that links up to all the social networks and although I do have my laptop by my side 80% of the time, I often get sidetracked with other things than letting people know what I’m doing.

I’ll have to debate about this a little longer. If I opened one up, it would be focused more around my blogs than specifically my personal life, not because I don’t want to share, but simply because I just wouldn’t remember to put up what’s going on in my daily life.

I think once I upgrade my phone, which might be soon. I’ll be able to keep up-to-date more. What do you think? To tweet or not to tweet? pro & cons?


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