Time to take a deep breath in

Now that finals are over, (which I didn’t even get a chance to update about) I have a lot more time on my hands to focus on working on these blogs and doing my absolute best to keep them up-to-date. It’ll still be tough because holidays can get quite hectic with all the family parties and my time at home is usually spent cleaning up the house a lot. But again, it is definitely more free time than what I had before.

First, I want to update on finals. I had 1 exam @ 9am on Dec 9th, another @ 2pm on Dec 10th, one on @ 7pm that same day and the last one @ 9am on Dec 15th. The time crunch on the first three exams was definitely not easy to get through. I felt overwhelmed and not really learning anything. I had also missed the reviews so I didn’t know what exactly to focus on and hence had to study everything from start to finish to the best of my ability. I definitely felt more prepared for some than others. In the end, I did the best I could and I was so happy to get them done.

I also finished that 15 page paper at the last possible moment. I felt so bad that I handed it in so  late and thankfully my prof still accepted it. It was probably all garbage but I couldn’t have cared.

I spent a lot of time at home just watching t.v, cleaning the apartment, watching movies, playing games, cooking, taking walks downtown, going out for dinner and just doing my best to keep my spirits up. Life gets really tough sometimes and the best thing to do is do the things you love the most. Keep stress to an absolute minimum and turn the dial back to slow. It doesn’t always leave me productive but it gives me far more piece of mind.

I ended up coming home to Toronto last friday. My family immediately went shopping at Scarborough town centre. I don’t remember if we even bought anything. I hadn’t been to a mall in such a long time before that as I don’t really go shopping both in Kingston and Toronto. The next day we went to Vaughn Mills to do more shopping. Got a few things there. We spent most of the day there as it is a fairly big mall. Upon returning home, everyone went and did their own thing.

On Sunday, after church we headed over to Yorkdale. Had lunch at Rainforest cafe (to be featured in my food blog sometime soon), went shopping around and just enjoyed the day. I got a silver ring from Sears that was 25% off. It’s actually a really gorgeous design and now I’m debating if I’d like my engagement ring to someday look just like it. It’s not at all resembling a traditional ring. It’s a flower design that is too small to be a costume ring but that same design. It gives off a vintage look which is why I think I might like it as a real ring someday (set in platinum with diamonds).

We then had dinner at a Filipino restaurant, quickly dropped by Pacific Mall for my dad to buy a new hard drive and went home to do laundry.

Yesterday I spent the day doing laundry and other chores around the house. It’s left me pretty tired. And this is where I shall leave this update. I’ll post another one soon.


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