Trip to T.O.

This post is LONG overdue and I feel so bad in the delay. I remember writing it and putting it off  but never bothered to come back and post it. I’ll try to finish off quickly at the end so unfortunatley it’ll sound a little rushed but I’d feel much worse if I deleted it entirely. I really must do a better job of posting content on here.

***Originally dated for sometime after the weekend of Nov 28th (so behind, I know)

I decided to pay a visit home mainly to pick up my washed laundry that my parents took home for me. I also decided to hang out with a few friends and see where I could go get some food.

It was weird going home considering all that’s happened. I can only imagine how weird it would be when my parents are back there. My main reason for returning home was to pick up and do more laundry. The laundry machines at my old apartment were far too expensive and although I know paying $70+ more for a ticket to go home negates the previous costs, I prefer my laundry machines at home. I love all the settings and it get my clothes done right. I also went home to see my sister, keep her company since she now spends her day with a family friend that she’s not exactly close with.

Friday I arrived in town at about 2pm. My family friend picked me up and took me home. Saved me the trouble of a semi-long bus ride with all my stuff. I then raided the fridge when I got home because back in Kingston, I hadn’t gone grocery shopping since my move-in. I was hoping to save my money as much as possible to splurge a little on food in toronto especially french macarons which I sadly did not get.

Friday night my friends came over in the evening to watch movies and hang out. We also made a trip to the Tim Horton’s across the street. They often come over just to hang out and its nice since my home ends up being a place to chill. Makes it easier for me since I live out of the way of others and I don’t drive so I would end up having to bus alone to go home if I had to hang out somewhere else. I believe we watched UP and the Proposal. I will admit I went overboard on food on Friday, eating pizzas, dumplings and timbits. Again keep in mind that I hadn’t eaten meat or anything in the junk food category in ages, which is probably good for my health but not on my need to satisfy cravings.

Saturday I went to an Queen’s Alumni event with a very good friend of mine. It was very weird being the only current student surrounded by very apparent alumni. A nice guy from graduating class from the sixties talked to us for a while. I always love alumni, esp the older ones. They truly make me appreciative of the family that I’ve entered into by being a Queen’s student. They definitely show with pride their Queen’s tricolour. We were there for the Vanier Cup finals which we watched the last 3 mins of and of course, in keeping with Queen’s awesomeness, we won. National champs! After that we headed back to my place to eat dinner and have a quick chat before she had to go. Sunday I spent packing and travelling back home where I was welcomed back by the stress of my pending paper. What joy!


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