Queen’s Gaels Mitchell Bowl Champs!

There was so much going on last weekend that I forgot to also include the excitement at my school with regards to the football season. Last Saturday Queen’s Gaels were victorious in the Yates Cup Ontario Finals. Queen’s University hasn’t competed in the Yates Cup since 2002 and hasn’t won in 31 years. Amongst my moving in, my family and I watched it via the Score. It was a close call against the Western Mustangs but we managed to pull through and beat them with a 43-39 moving on to the Mitchell Bowl against Laval Rouge et Or.

Kingston hosted the Mitchell Bowl and came up victorious once again with an upset of 33-30. Laval is Canada’s #1 ranked  football team and defending Vanier Cup champs while Queen’s is ranked #4. Since they were defending champs 2 years in a row (I believe), there were certainly going to be tough to beat. I watched the game on t.v. in french since I couldn’t find an english channel hosting it. It might have helped me turn down my anxiety and excitment since at times I tuned out the french commentators. It was a fantastic game with great defensive and amazing offensive plays by Queen’s. There were some tense moments especially when Laval stepped it up in the second half of the game. I couldn’t watch the last 5 minutes and tuned in just to see the clock wind down and the field get rushed. Richardson was filled with almost 7000 which is a good showing especially since I’m sure most of those were Queen’s supporters.

I have no connection to any of the atheltics at Queen’s but I know how much I love my school and how much school spirit when I’m unknowingly screaming in my apartment as I watch the game. I know they work really hard, as having see it first hand last year throughout the practices late into the night and they totally deserve the win. They have a lot of heart and I know they’ll push it right to the very end.

Now we move on to nationals in the aim to bring the Vanier Cup home to Kingston. Queen’s has made only 3 appearances the last one being in 1992 where they were victorious. The Gaels will be up against the Calgary Dinos #2 ranked team. The game will be played next weekend in Quebec and I wish them all the best of luck.


I spent the day doing a few more food blogs. I also went out to get some supplies at the dollar store and bought some food at a resturant to feature in a review. I have lots of work to do tomorrow but I’m calm. I can pull it off for sure.

I noticed that there were lots of little kids out today which I thought was it was in downtown on a saturday afternoon. Afterall, it was my first full weekend in my new apartment. I later realized after picking up dinner that the santa parade was happening as kids and families all lined up princess st. I remember doing that a long time ago in toronto. I really should have stayed out and watched just for old times sake since it was down the street. Oh well, another time I suppose.

Anyways, going to go watch a movie and post some more blogs before heading to bed

tcgb :)


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