Guided tour of my apartment

I decided to do videos instead of photos because its faster, easier to understand and gives you a better sense of the place. First video features my room and the second features the rest of the aparment briefly. enjoy!


2 responses to “Guided tour of my apartment

  1. I like your room! My fave part is your “lengthy to do list” lol. The green is awesome, very Jara. Also, the view is great and the brick wall is so cool. It looks like you’re getting all settled in now, I hope your stress levels aren’t as high!

    • thanks :) and yes i’m doing much better. that list thing certainly helped to relieve the initial stress and i’m doing it in much more detail. i break things down and its nice to cross things off. location of this place is sooooo ideal its crazy. its the closest i’ll ever live to downtown and i hope i use it to my full advantage. if you had come to queen’s like you were supposed to, we could have gotten a place like this together :)

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