Extension Granted

 I’ve been extremely stressed the last two weeks which has made it very difficult to focus and complete my essay for my Political Liberal Theory class. The 15 page essay was due on Monday but I’ve been opting for a late penalty of 1%/day (which isn’t that bad of a late penalty compared to the normal 5% or 10%/day) and have yet to hand it in. After emailing the prof with questions regarding how to hand the essay in late due to personal problems she remarked that if I was willing to explain to her the context of my life situation regardless of the fact that I didn’t have documentation, she’d be willing to consider granting an extension since she had done so for another student. I was supposed to go see her after class but after awaking early this morning to a sickly state, I feared that I would throw up in class so I just stayed home. I then emailed her back explaining the stress of my move and my fight with my parents to which she replied (to the effect of) “It actually like you’re under a great deal of stress. No wonder it seems hard for you to concentrate. Just hand it in on Monday with a note reminding me of our email and no penalties will be applied.” You have no idea how much weight this lifted over my shoulders as every day has been a forced struggle to get through the work. Constant headaches and my sudden lethargic mood, it’s been hard to accomplish very much. I do have another essay due that day as well but any time is better than none so here’s to hoping that this weekend is greatly successful essay-wise.

I’m just so grateful that the world finally decided to cut me some slack and give me a chance to regain control of my life. I’ve never received or asked for an extension before (and even this time, I didn’t technically ask for one) because personally I believe that regardless of what’s going on in life, it’s up to you to manage yourself wisely and fit everything in. But just this once, I’m willing to step out of that mindset and happily accept my extension.


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