Downtown Apartment

I briefly wrote about my move-in to my apartment last saturday but that was before the train wreck hit me in the form of a fight with my parents so my excitement for the new place really got a chance to settle in. The apartment is wonderful. It’s a 2 floor apartment however the top floor, which includes a large bedroom, closet and en suite bath, is for the complete use of one girl who pays more since she has more space. The main floor includes and kitchen, living room, my room, another housemate’s room, full bath, linen closet, jacket closet and under the stair storage. It’s a  large apartment since there’s only 3 of us who live here including myself and there’s no much furniture in the common space.

The girls are lovely, nothing to complain about there. I didn’t meet them at all beforehand because I dealt with the property management company entirely. One girl is in her 5th year and the other is in her first, both undergrads. I had replaced a guy who is now my landlord so to speak since I’m subletting from him until April as I don’t need the place for the summer. My room is an amazing shade of green which couldn’t have been more perfect for me. It’s around the same size as the one I have at home, different layout. The only downside is that I don’t have a window, just a fire escape door which doesn’t let much light in. Therefore, I spend most of my time in the kitchen at the table, staring out. I don’t live exactly on the downtown main street, just slightly down a side street but still far busier than my last apartment.

Because the place is huge, its freezing and since utilities are not included I can’t bear to turn the heat up, esp in the common areas where no one sits. The nice thing though is that each of our rooms has our own specific heat controls. I turn it on only for about an hour or two in my room, just before heading to bed and it lasts me through the night. I’m still considering a couch for the living room, if I can find a good deal or maybe bean bag chairs (?). I just want someplace comfortable to sit there that has more of a lounge feel. So we’ll see how that turns out.

I’ve been cooped up this past week working on my essay and unpacking my life, which you’ll be happy to know I completely finished. Now if only I could say the same about the essay…

My kitchen in the other apartment was definitely better and bigger but I definitely like the location and layout of this current place. There’s a vegetarian restaurant across the street and when I’m bored I people watch and see who comes and goes from there, something to pass the time. I always wondered who lived in the upstairs of many of the downtown buildings and now I get to be one of them. It really is a shame that I won’t get to stay for the summer in a sweet apartment like this. Easy access to downtown where I’m sure there’s plenty of jobs.

The place was horribly messy though when I arrived and spent the first two days cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom was so bad, I refused to take a shower there and opted for the school gym showers instead. Heck, I could have not showered for 3 days and still have been cleaner than that shower. I never managed to get a before and after shot but trust me when I say it was filthy. I also had to call maintenance to come in a fix a blockage in the shower .

I’ve provided a sneak peek of the place but this was prior to cleaning and moving in. Excuse the bad photos. I did them in a hurry as I was trying to catch a bus and these were primarily used to give my parents and idea of the place and how to move things in. I’ll update with the final look soon,  especially of my room with all my things.

I forgot to also mention that my neighbours are a tea store, a coffee shop, chapters and Starbucks. Pretty sweet if you ask me. If only I could afford high-priced drinks. Starbucks gift card for christmas please! :)


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