WBC – green!

As If I didn’t have enough blogs going, I’ve open another one on another site called Weddings By Colour. No,  I’m not engaged nor will be anytime soon but I do spend a lot of time procrastinating on wedding related sites simply because I, like many other romantic women, dream of their wedding day. I am one of those girls whose been doing it since I was very young. I never got a traditional Debut that other Filipino women get to represent the coming of age. Nor did I receive any other big party or huge celebration. The closest I’ve ever gotten to getting all glammed up was for prom but I shared that day with many other people. My wedding day will be my one special day.

Anyways, I signed up and started writing. I also dream of becoming an event planner specializing in weddings so that’s another reason to my insane fascination with weddings. It feels a little weird writing there since unlike most members, I have no fiancé and definitely no date set but as I said there, there’s no harm in starting early.

Its funny that I’ve had more success there than on here and its only been 1 day. Many eager brides out there it seems.

Link will be posted on the side :)



One response to “WBC – green!

  1. Your colour scheme is so pretty!!! I love that you have been planning since you were little.

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