Move Along, Move Along

After the initial panic and many weeks of searching, I finally found my new apartment which fortunately for me is equally if not more so gorgeous than my current apartment. I’m certainly getting a larger room coloured a perfect shade of green. It couldn’t be more made for me.

That along with many other things has remained the focus of my life, leaving me little time to update this blog and my other ones. With the move-out/-in this weekend, my 3 papers due and planning my visit back home, I suspect I won’t find much more time for updates but I’m making an effort, even at 2am to write something for memory’s sake. I’m mostly disappointed in not being able to uphold my goal to keep a food blog. It’s just a lot more time consuming than I had anticpated and with the other hectic and time-consuming aspects of my life, I failed to realize my lack of available time for something else. However, I have kept up with the photo taking for the most part (only taking photos of every other meal as I’ve been eating the same things for the last week or so). In due time, I hope to update those.

I left this blog on a rather dim light with my blog on my birthday. As usual, I was able to update it when I was feeling low but none of the fun stories from the proceeding weekend managed to find its way on the digital page. One of my best girl friends Reese came by that weekend along with my family friend JB to celebrate halloween with us all. We went out to Alfies on friday night and partied it up till 2 am. Despite clubs not really being my scene, I had a good time and caught up with a lot of friends to wish me happy birthday. I did a lot of dancing too which was killer on the feet since I wore these high heeled ankle boots that are about half a size too small. But beauty knows no pain so the dancing must continue.

Saturday night was a repeat of Friday only with new people and costumes. I got dressed up as a nerdy school girl, pig tails and huge glasses to match. We went out to Joy Supper Club since we had inside and managed to get in without cover. A lot of creepers at clubs and we certainly met our fair share. But luckily we had our own sets of guys to protect us. After we headed to Bubba’s to get some late night food where we caught a glimpse of the drunken craziness with a street fight and a multiple cop take down. We also couldn’t find a single cab so were forced to walk all the way home in the cold (didI mention I was wearing short shorts as part of my costume?). The rest of the night was pretty eventful but too private to reveal on here. It was certainly up and down.

Sunday was a relaxed day. After 2 days of partying, I was exhausted and only wanted to sleep the rest of my weekend away.

Since then, I’ve been losing sleep and stressed out about my apartment situation and my many other task on my to-do list. I shall update on how things go when I have time.



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