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put on that brave face

I’m not one to spend countless hours watching videos on youtube but every once in a while someone steers me towards a certain video that is a must see. This is one of them. There’s a lot of people out on youtube showcasing their singing/musical talent and that’s all well and good but unless its your original work, I tend not to lend an ear. This girl (Melissa Polinar) has an amazing talent for singing and I love her music. This is one of my favorite songs from her, one that I can easily relate to.¬† enjoy



Weekend Recap

Despite having the best intentions for my daily life blog, it seems that I managed to neglect it since it’s creation. But the beauty of a life blog is that each day presents an opportunity to start all over again. Tabula rasa right? A blank slate to work on and a new day to report.

I’ve become completely engrossed with the creation of my food blog that I’m only now taking the time to write something in this one. I have literally spent all day on that blog and I’m not quite sure if all my effort was worth it. It certainly looks nice enough and A seems to adore it but he’s my biggest fan so I could put nothing and he’d still think it was cool.

Let’s make an attempt to recap the past week:

I went back home to Toronto to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with my family. After a hectic day of being sick, not getting enough sleep and finishing off my assignment for German 061, I quickly packed up my life and left for the Coach Canada terminal to get the 5:15 bus. Upon arrival I ate, talked to family and went to sleep. A summary of the weekend included a newly discovered addiction to food blogs ( and blogs in general), sushi dinner at one of my favorite sushi places, ¬†coming up with the thanksgiving menu, buying the ingredients, preparing thanksgiving dinner (as seen and described in my other blog), a day at the ROM and shopping for some much needed clothes before heading back to kingston yesterday afternoon. I also managed to roll my ankle 4 times on my last day home for which I’m still feeling the pain of :(

As for today, as I mentionned I spent all day blogging and will continue to do so into the wee hours of the night. I realize now that this is my passion: photography, layout, writing, food, life… I’m no professional but hopefully my raw passion will shine through and be appreciated.

Sometimes I wonder where that second path in life would have lead. If only I could do it all again…