drowing in a sea of pixellated dust

Oh man, I finally got around to uploading all the photos from the last week or so and have not found the drive to post them all on here. There’s just so many to go through and edit. I’ll probably sit here all night attempting to do it just because I refuse to sleep until this is done and yet probably still won’t do them. Regardless of how self-aware I am, itts sad that I still refuse to change. =)


Because I know I’ve been lacking the past week on blog entries (and since this doesn’t really require photo updates) let’s do a quick recap on life last week.

Sat was spent cleaning up the house. I was thoroughly exhausted from lack of sleep the past night. I woke up, got dressed and ready for Yearbook training at 2 but ended up cutting a piece of skin on my nose with a hang nail. I couldn’t risk freaking everyone out whilst in my bloody mess so ran back home to tend to it. Luckily it managed to stop bleeding in time for the second half of training so I went to that. After that I went straight to the bus station to pick up A. I was so tired that as a welcoming, I cried for no reason in his arms. Greeeeat I know. After that went to Panda Garden Buffet because I was too tired and had no food at home anyways. And the rest of the night is history.

To be perfectly honest, the rest of that week went by like a blur. Between emailing people about apartments, fighting with my parents about apartments, cooking for my other blog, cleaning, running errands, buying my mother flowers, studying for my midterm and working on my assignments, it gets really hard to remember the specifics. All I care about now is hoping that I did well enough on that midterm and that my essay wasn’t that horrible but I won’t get those results until a while from now. There was very little sleep especially at the end of the weekemd, that’s for sure. So here’s hoping that this week is much better. I think that’s all I want to cover.

Special note: Oct 19th was nice. cooking, watching movies, cleaning. a very chill day, spent exactly how I want to.



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