Weekend Recap

Despite having the best intentions for my daily life blog, it seems that I managed to neglect it since it’s creation. But the beauty of a life blog is that each day presents an opportunity to start all over again. Tabula rasa right? A blank slate to work on and a new day to report.

I’ve become completely engrossed with the creation of my food blog that I’m only now taking the time to write something in this one. I have literally spent all day on that blog and I’m not quite sure if all my effort was worth it. It certainly looks nice enough and A seems to adore it but he’s my biggest fan so I could put nothing and he’d still think it was cool.

Let’s make an attempt to recap the past week:

I went back home to Toronto to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with my family. After a hectic day of being sick, not getting enough sleep and finishing off my assignment for German 061, I quickly packed up my life and left for the Coach Canada terminal to get the 5:15 bus. Upon arrival I ate, talked to family and went to sleep. A summary of the weekend included a newly discovered addiction to food blogs ( and blogs in general), sushi dinner at one of my favorite sushi places,  coming up with the thanksgiving menu, buying the ingredients, preparing thanksgiving dinner (as seen and described in my other blog), a day at the ROM and shopping for some much needed clothes before heading back to kingston yesterday afternoon. I also managed to roll my ankle 4 times on my last day home for which I’m still feeling the pain of :(

As for today, as I mentionned I spent all day blogging and will continue to do so into the wee hours of the night. I realize now that this is my passion: photography, layout, writing, food, life… I’m no professional but hopefully my raw passion will shine through and be appreciated.

Sometimes I wonder where that second path in life would have lead. If only I could do it all again…


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